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Strengths effectively used incl. strategy session

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What are your competencies and talents? In this online training challenge, you will find out where your strengths lie. And in our live session we explore where to use them to get to your goal more easily. "How you get to your goal depends on where you want to go.” ✅ You know your strengths. ✅ You know what you want to use your skills for. ✅ You use your skills smart and purposefully. Use your strengths effectively and reach your goal with more self-confidence and ease. Let’s move. Prepare yourself! - Carefully researched (exclusive) articles on the topic with psychological inputs. - Your destination. Let’s go! - A scientific competency test. - A competency strategy session via video call or telephone. Almost there! - Reflect yourself. - Next steps. Your advantages: - Content from psychology and training units compiled for you. - Secure access via member login. - Whenever and wherever you want. - Easily paid for by TWINT or by invoice. Start your online training now and join the challenge.


CHF 195.00


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