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Outdoor Consulting & Coaching

Forest bathing is not only a trend, it is also based on well-founded scientific knowledge. In Japan it is called “Shinrin-yoku” and it is even prescribed therapeutically.

The heart, head and body form a unit. A small change in posture can have a huge impact on your thoughts. 90% of the learning experience and only 10% of the cognitive learning is retained over the long term.

"Take the time for you and the important things in your life."

No meetings, calls or radio - just you, me and nature. Take your business topic outside into nature. We pass colorful wildflower meadows and the forest smells of damp earth. The sun glistens on the still wet leaves. The walk and the specially adapted outdoor methods gave you strength and inspiration. You have gained clarity about your topic or developed the first solutions.

Take the first step and contact me for special outdoor consulting or coaching. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Video Impressions

* Guaranteed to take place outdoor in good weather, otherwise online video meeting or in-room MOVE Zollikerberg.

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