Positive through a crisis - stay connected

How do you cope with the crisis mode at work (and in life)? How can you still stay connected and support each other?

Social distancing has taken over the way we interact with each other. Experts foresee a negative impact on the psychological well-being of the population. To cope with stressful situations, we all activate our personal resources. The loss of them can increase negative thoughts.

Social contacts are the most important supporters against stress. Most living creatures on earth have higher survival chances interacting in groups. What alternatives do we have to the former physical social activities?

  • The Coffee Break: In home office, many people do not take their breaks, even though their positive effect on psychological and physical health is proven. Plan and arrange short online video calls and take a coffee break.

  • The Work Meetings: Those 5 minutes, before the meetings start and which you used to socialise, are gone. Ask “How are you?” at the beginning of your weekly team meeting and show empathy to each other. Arrange a voluntary weekly online socialising hour.

  • The 1:1 Friend Meeting: We all miss going out for dinner with a friend or just having coffee and talking. Make a traditional surprise phone call to one of your friends (no texts!). Even better; meet outside for a walk. The latter also helps with your physical health.

  • The Parties: Christmas markets, parties and other social events are not allowed. Invite your friends to an online Christmas or New Years' party and clink glasses.

Plan actively upfront and meet your social contacts. Your time is the most valuable present you can give to a person.

There is no good or bad way to cope with a crisis. We all have our personal coping strategies for a reason. So be benevolent to each other. 🤗 Which activities have you transformed? Tell us.👇