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- find clarity and use your full potential on the way to your target vision!

Your way to your goal:




you have a clear direction in mind and use your strengths on the way there.


You are not only successful, but your work fulfils you every day and you live your values. How does that feel? 

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Are you ready to bring movement into your life?

Your journey with MOVE.

Do you want to have fun at work every day? Do you want to find out what really fulfills you and what else is in you? Do you want to get ahead professionally more easily? Do you want to use your strengths for the right thing?

Then start now with the course "Professional Reorientation" and find clarity about your vision and your next steps towards your personal success. If not now then when?! Your time is too valuable not to be spent on what really matters.

My name is Sandra Kolb and I've already had a few direction changes myself. I have packed my many years of coaching and development experience as well as modern neuropsychological methods into this course. So that you can find your motivation and move forward! 

The course is your structured travel guide. It guides you through 8 stations on the way to your professional success and your fulfillment. This allows you to concentrate fully on your development.

As with all journeys, you decide at what pace you move forward and how much willpower you put into reaching your destination.


"It only takes one person to change your life."


At the end of this course, you will have an overview of your valuable insights and focus your compass toward a clear professional direction.

If you don't just want any job, but THE job that will fulfill you, then this investment here is just right for your future. Let's start your MOVE now!


You no longer feel motivated in your current job and don’t see sense in it? Is it time for professional orientation? Only; where should your way go? Based on your values and competencies, find your goal vision that makes sense for you. Take a good portion of your motivation with you on your way out of your comfort zone and start the course now.


Are you at the very beginning of your professional life and want to go in the right direction right from the start? Your interests will guide you. You will also discover your skills and use them where you can learn a lot. Start your course now and focus your compass on your goal.


Do you want to be professionally successful, but somehow you are not making any progress? You finally want recognition for your performance? Perhaps you're not playing to your strengths in a goal-oriented or self-confident manner. Or you haven't really unleashed your full potential yet. Find out what else is in you and what is holding you back. Take off in the course!


Are you thinking about becoming self-employed? But with what and is this right for you? Everyone can become an entrepreneur and use their strengths. You will find out whether this is the right form of work for you and which offer you can and want to offer. Start the course now and get to a decision.

Your itinerary is ready:

I have prepared 8 topic stations for you that are important for your professional orientation and will lead you to your target vision.

At each station, you will receive inspirational impulses.


By the way, we achieve your target vision with experience-oriented methods, which means with all 5 senses. You reflect on important questions and can document your findings in a personal logbook. In the end, you have an overview and clarity for your professional future.

  1. Start: You describe your initial situation.

  2. Desired goal: You formulate your wishes for a fulfilled professional future.

  3. Motivation: You collect positive resources and take a lot of motivation with you.

  4. Values & Competences: You know, what is important to you. You discover your strengths and use your full potential.

  5. Interests: You explore which topics really interest you and what you enjoy doing.

  6. Blocking thoughts: You leave hindering beliefs behind you and master difficult situations with ease.

  7. Environment & form of work: You broaden your view of your environment and reflect on which form of work is ideal for you.

  8. The Finish Line: Bravo. You combine your insights into your concrete target vision and celebrate your achievement.

At the end of this journey, you not only have a clear professional direction in mind. With this course, I also support you in taking your first concrete steps toward your target vision.

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