Unternehmensentwicklung & Teamentwicklung

Vision & Strategy
Organizational Development
Team & Change Leadership

Only 20% of the visions and strategies are lived sustainably. Whether in the management of teams or companies, employee engagement is achieved through emphatic values and trust. The strategic goals in facts and figures are only implemented sustainably when the vision is lived emotionally. I support you with my emphatic moderation of interactive workshops, implementation in the company and consulting and coaching.

As a manager, I have led countless organizational and digitalization strategy developments and projects for over 17 years. For the companies, this meant changes in the company structure, the work processes and also changed employee competencies. I supported the resulting uncertainty and tension with a lot of empathy and positivity. My credo on the way to a successful future is:


"Nothing goes without people."

Develop your future vision and accompany the change strategically and emphatically.

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Are you ready to get your company & team moving? 

Our tool for your development

The Spiral Dynamics model is based on the Grave value system by Prof. Clare W. Graves. It shows the development level of your company, team or individual employee.


You gain valuable information about the level of strategy/vision/mission, structure/processes, values/competences/leadership and technology.


This is our starting point for concrete action steps to achieve your goals.

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“Wenn du dich selbst bist, kommt Selbstbewusstsein von selber.”  

Topic highlights from these two programs 

Vision, Strategy & Digitalization

Team Motivation

Workshop Moderation & Training

Resilience & Burnout

Empathy & Emotional Intelligence

Decisions & Communication

Project & Leadership Coaching Success

Fine Jewelry Display

Beat Lehmann, Digital Marketing Strategie & Business Modell

"Sandra hat uns bei der Gestaltung des Mission Statements und der Entwicklung einer innovativen digitalen Marketingstrategie für unser Perlengeschäft professionell und emphatisch unterstützt. Wir wurden gut durch den Prozess geleitet und haben von ihrem spezifischen Marketing-Fachwissen profitiert." September 2021

Image by Samuel Clara

Doris H., Event Manager

Online Workshop 

“Vielen Dank, Sandra, für den kurzen, aber inhaltvollen Workshop. Fühlte mich sofort verstanden und unser lebendiger Austausch hat mich fasziniert und wir waren extrem im MOVE." März 2022

Swarovski Club Logo.jpeg

Christian Spiegl,  Swarovski Club / Digitalization / Processes

“Sandra is a Customer Relationship Management expert and very focused on optimizing a consumer journey that drives loyalty towards a brand and company and repurchase by engaged consumers. Her very structured approach will make sure the outcomes will be achieved as efficiently as possible.” Mai 2018

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Fabienne R. - Marketing   

Online Workshop

"Wichtige Entscheidungen im Leben sollen gut überlegt sein. Das fällt einem nicht immer leicht. Sandra hat mir im Entscheidungsworkshop gezeigt, wie man mit einfachen Übungen zwei Optionen gegeneinander abwägt und sich dann intuitiv für das ‘richtige’ entscheidet.” Mai 2022