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Holistic & Empathetic Organizational Development.

"Nothing goes without people."

Only 20% of the visions, strategies and company cultures are lived sustainably. 25% of all digitalisations have a weak effect and 50% are completed with higher costs and too late. Why?

​Your strategic goals in facts and figures are only implemented sustainably when the vision is lived emotionally. The impact on business can be immensely enhanced by using technology and neuropsychology.

In my leadership role, I have led countless organizational and digitalization strategy developments and projects for over 20 years together with amazing teams. Most times this meant changes in work processes or company culture and also needed new employee competencies. I supported the resulting uncertainty and tension with a lot of empathy, positivity and neuropsychological methods. What is your move to success?

MOVE compass for your organizational health check

Vision, mission and strategy for clear orientation

Design structure & lean processes efficiently & humanely

Live culture, values ​​and leadership principles for motivated teams

​Experience-oriented workshops and training for lasting impact

Lead new work, change & virtual team mindset (e.g. leading change)

Setup your CRM, customer loyalty sustainable & customer-oriented

Design digitalization emphatically & develop skills (e.g. digital teams)

Appreciative communication and feedback creates trust (e.g. emphatic leadership)

Get professional support for transformation projects

KMU Values- und Leadership Culture Workshops

P. Frei, Leiter Vermarktung

October 2022


“Sandra Kolb supported with leadership workshops to develop a common understanding of values ​​and leadership based on the mission statement for the management of the Zurich marketing region. She moderated well-organized workshops in an understandable manner and with a structured approach, giving us the opportunity to develop our own solutions and results. The playful nature of the exercises made the content of the workshops very varied and entertaining. We particularly appreciated that Sandra got involved well with our heterogeneous group. She fit very well with us and understood quickly how to accompany us best towards our goal. We would work with Sandra again at any time.”

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Image by Reiseuhu

“A journey begins with the first step.” 

MOVE Compass© - Our tools for your development

MOVE Kompass Unternehmen

The MOVE Compass© for Organizational Development© provides a structured, holistic approach for companies and teams on all 4 levels; strategy/vision/mission, structure/processes, values/competencies/ leadership and technology.


The compass is a result of my master's thesis on culture and leadership. It combines the scientifically based Spiral Dynamics model or the Graves values system by Prof. Clare W. Graves and modern neuropsychological implementation methods.


These experience-oriented methods combined with a structured project lead bring your company or team faster to your goal. The impact is more sustainable and strengthens your collaboration far beyond the consulting in everyday working life. It works from family businesses to new work startups.

You can easily check your current situation and progress with the digital Compass Health Check online survey.


Are you ready for your first MOVE?

e.g. in 2 days to a united leadership team: "These two days truly united us and gave us a common understanding of leadership.” 

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© MOVE development

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