Business Consultant, Coach & Trainer 

Welcome. My name is Sandra Kolb.

"I love to support change professionally at eye level and with Empathy."

18 years of international professional experience in company and strategy development, digitalization, leadership and consulting/coaching for change

Bachelor in Business Administration and advanced studies in leadership and BSO approved master organizational consultant/coach 

43 years young

Mother tongue Schwiizerdütsch, business language English

Together we exploit the full potential and achieve the goal sustainably, with positive energy and more ease.

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Development is very personal and our possible cooperation is based on mutual trust. 


On my long journey through the corporate world, I was able to learn from some emphatic people. Many of the more than 100 change projects went very well. However, some difficult (life) situations have shaped me the most. 


Today I am grateful for that and for the people who supported me. Because they have made my life colorful and full of experiences, which led me to MOVE development. Here I can fully exploit my values ​​and skills as a company developer, coach and trainer.


I have a very diverse personality (turquoise in the Grave model) and have been living New Work and digitalization for 20 years. For more complex projects I like to work with my network of certified consultants and coaches in a modern agile way, as I know it from my many years of project work. In the last 8 years, I have continued my education at the ZHAW IAP (Institute for Applied Psychology) on the human challenges.


I have traveled a lot privately, love getting to know new people and cultures and have tried countless hobbies. Dancing (Cuban salsa), jogging, horseback riding, bow shooting, reading and painting have remained. I live MOVE and meditate. As I said, I’m divers.


My Mission; I bring more empathy to companies and teams. My experience is that (self-)leadership with values ​​is much more effective than any fact goal. You use your time for important things (professionally and privately) and that makes you happy. It also forms the framework for real team motivation. And that makes your customers happy too. To do this, I start at the levels of corporate culture and strategy, with you as an entrepreneur, leaders and personality. Because we can only achieve this goal together.


You bring the will and drive to change. I structure your process using modern, recognized neuropsychological methods. Together we move forward experience-oriented and use mind, body and heart. This gives you the energy and at the same time calmness to achieve your goals.


Start your MOVE, because every change starts with yourself. 

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We define your goal
and focus your
compass on it.


We develop skills and self-confidence experience-oriented and with practical methods. 


We work out specific steps to achieve your goals and you transfer them.


We get to know each other and discuss your topic. 

Work Experience

  • 18 years of strategy development in the field of transformation marketing, sales, customer and employee processes, omnichannel & digitalization for international B2B and B2C companies

  • 15 years leading intercultural, cross-functional change projects and teams

  • 10 years of experience as a trainer, internal consultant and coaching team members


  • CAS Coaching Advanced (ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences, IAP Institute for Applied Psychology, 2022) 

  • CAS Consulting & Coaching in practice (ZHAW IAP, 2021)

  • Zurich Resource Model - Outdoor (2020)

  • CAS Change Management & Organizational Development (ZHAW IAP, 2018)

  • DAS Advanced Leadership, term papers “Virtual Team Leadership & Trust” and “Talent Management (ZHAW IAP, 2017)

  • Project management - leading change (2015)

  • Bachelor in Business Administration, (ZHAW Department of Economics, 2003)

Network & Links
Together we are stronger. We use modern forms of work and collaborate in a network to achieve goals in an optimal way.