Consultant, Business Coach & Trainer 

Welcome. My name is Sandra Kolb.

"I love to support change professionally at eye level and with heart."

18 years of international professional experience in company and strategy development, leadership and consulting/coaching for change

Bachelor in Business Administration and advanced studies in leadership and BSO approved master organizational consultant/coach 

43 years

Mother tongue Schwiizerdütsch, business English

Together we exploit the full potential and achieve the goal sustainably, with positive energy and more ease.

On my 18-year journey through the corporate world, I was able to learn from some emphatic people. However, I learned the most from difficult situations.

Today my personal vision is an emphatic civilization. That's why I'm pursuing my mission and bringing more empathy to companies and teams. To do this, I start at the levels of corporate culture and strategy, with managers and all other employees. Because we can only achieve this goal together.

With MOVE, I contribute my skills as a business consultant and coach. 

With the specialization in leading change for people and companies, I have been living my vocation for years and I really enjoy doing it. In the beginning, I used the necessary skills intuitively. Today I use them where they have the most impact. I take care of the process and you bring the will for active change with you. At the end of our journey, I want you to hold the reins in your hands.

As with horse riding or dancing, your process of change is characterized by energetic movement and powerful calmness. And to find your solution more easily and with fun, we use experience-oriented methods. This means that we use heart, body and mind to achieve your corporate or personal career goals. This way, you take a minimum of 80% of what you have learned with you after our cooperation. 

What my customers appreciate most is that I use the methods and questions that are right for them to get them out of their comfort zone. My positive energy and empathy make it easier for them to reach their goal and bring joy to the change. 

A good match is important. Let us get to know each other. 

Reiten & Yoga 22.jpg

When does consulting and coaching make sense for you? 

Well, if you want to go on a horse riding tour in unknown terrain and cannot ride, then you probably first look for a competent riding instructor. Yes, friends and family are important to support in the change phase and should definitely be at your side. But it is precisely because they are so close to us that they are biased. Thanks to the professional distance, a coach creates clarity and focus on the important things in your life. 

Consulting and coaching are for everyone who runs like a hamster in a wheel and still is stuck. That can be a complete reorientation or finally achieving the goals that you have set. You invest your time and money in a focused and sustainable way in yourself and your future. Once learned how to get forward, you can then use these methods yourself.

However, the title of the coach is not protected. You should therefore choose a trained and recognized coach (e.g. BSO Swiss Professional Association for Coaching and Organizational Development). And, of course, a good match is important. Just listen to your gut feeling. So let's catch up for a short get-to-know-meeting. I look forward to meeting you.



We get to know each other and discuss your topic. 


We define your goal
and focus your
compass on it.


We develop skills and self-confidence systematically and with practical methods. 


We work out specific steps to achieve your goals and you transfer them.

Work Experience

  • 18 years of strategy development in the field of transformation marketing, sales, customer and employee processes, omnichannel & digitalization for international B2B and B2C companies

  • 15 years leading intercultural, cross-functional change projects and teams

  • 10 years of experience as a trainer, internal consultant and coaching team members


  • CAS Consulting & Coaching in practice (ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences, IAP Institute for Applied Psychology, 2021)

  • Zurich Resource Model - Outdoor (2020)

  • CAS Change Management & Organizational Development (ZHAW IAP, 2018)

  • DAS Advanced Leadership, term papers “Virtual Team Leadership & Trust” and “Talent Management (ZHAW IAP, 2017)

  • Project management - leading change (2015)

  • Bachelor in Business Administration, (ZHAW Department of Economics, 2003)

Network & Links
Together we are stronger. We use modern forms of work and collaborate in a network to achieve goals in an optimal way.