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Business Consultant, Coach & Trainer 

Welcome. My name is Sandra Kolb.

"I love to support change professionally at eye level and with Empathy."

20 years of intercultural experience in company and strategy development, digitalization, new work, leadership and change consulting and coaching


Studies in business administration economics ZHAW, Diploma in Advanced Leadership and Swiss Professional Association (BSO) recognized Master in Organizational Consultant & Coach ZHAW IAP

Together we exploit the full potential and achieve the goal sustainably, with positive energy and more ease.

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Development is very personal. That's why an encounter at eye level is important to me.


On my long journey through international companies, the difficult (life) situations were most formative. These moments of disorientation or the feeling of demotivation or helplessness led me to MOVE development. Here I combine economics, technology, neuropsychology and people.


My Mission; I bring more empathy to the professional world. Because values ​​and corporate culture define how we treat each other in SMEs and international companies and teams, how you lead and which professional and private path you take as a personality. 

MOVE Beratungskonzept

It's about people and their needs. And we achieve the most lasting effect with modern neuropsychological methods and concepts. We EXPERIENCE development with the mind (e.g. language), body (e.g. movement) and heart (e.g. pictures). I use the Grave value model and the Zurich resource model as a basis. I lead you curiously questioning from the comfort zone into the development zone. And a little humor makes the way easier.


I structure your individual process to your goal with a lot of creativity and empathy. I believe in interactive learning - physical, online and outdoor. On request, I am also happy to provide expertise impulses, recognized analysis tools and a lot of positivity along the way.


Are you ready for your experience journey? Then contact me right now.



We define your goal and focus your compass on it. 


We develop the necessary values ​​and skills with experience-oriented and practical methods.


We define concrete steps to achieve your goals and implement them.


We get to know each other and discuss your topic. 

Work Experience

  • 20 years of developing strategy, business processes, digitalization and team culture for Swiss SMEs and international companies

  • 17 years leading intercultural, cross-functional change projects and teams

  • 12 years of experience as a trainer, internal consultant and coaching team members


  • DAS Diploma in Advanced Organizational Development & Coaching (ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences, IAP Institute for Applied Psychology, 2022)

  • Zurich Resource Model - Outdoor (2020)

  • CAS Change Management & Organizational Development (ZHAW IAP, 2018)

  • DAS Advanced Leadership, term papers “Virtual Team Leadership & Trust” and “Talent Management (ZHAW IAP, 2017)

  • Project management - leading change (2015)

  • Bachelor in Business Administration, (ZHAW Department of Economics, 2003)

Network & Links

Personally, I have been living New Work for years. For large or more complex projects, I like to work with my network of trustworthy and certified consultants and coaches.

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