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Career Coaching & Professional Reorientation

We spend most of our time at work. It is all the worse, that only 16% of employees worldwide look forward to their work and can fully contribute their potential.

In my 20s my motivation was career and thus financial security. I worked hard and alone on this for years. Still, I wasn't moving as fast as I would have liked. In 2010, I met a boss who saw and promoted my talents.


"I started to work smart and goal-oriented and I am still successful."


When I was 35, my special life experience happened and the search for meaning began. And again, I had support on my career and life path. I want to pass that on to you today in our coaching for your career or professional reorientation.

Start your journey today into a promising future.

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Are you ready to bring movement into your life?

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"When you are yourself, self-esteem comes naturally."

Topic highlights from the coaching programs

Set & Achieve Clear Goals

Mastering Interviews & Salary Discussions

Linkedin & XING 

Work Life Balance


CV & Cover Letter

Self-esteemed & Authentic

Customer Voices

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ANA E., Marketing

Online Coaching, April 2020

"I had the pleasure to see real benefits while working with Sandra, as being my coach. Sandra gave me food for thoughts regarding my dream company and what are the most important values to me. With her creative approach, Sandra can help anyone to deepen self-understanding and to generating ideas.”

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VALENTINA H., Education 

Online Workshop February 2022

"Hi Sandra, thanks, it was very nice, got me thinking, that I am actually in the right place.”

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Outdoor Coaching July 2020

"This discussion was super cool. This situation has been in my head for a long time. It's not that I'm thinking now for the first time about it, but I got like 5 different angles to think about it differently by talking to you. Before this session, I feel that I'm looking at this scary elephant. Now I feel like we chopped it into pieces which I can work on and approach today. "

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ASM, Marketing

Online Workshop Januar 2022 

"Thank you very much. I'm much more focused on my topic now."