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Business & Life Coaching.

“Happiness is not a coincidence, but a decision to take active action.”

Asking for help in a challenging life situation is a sign of strength and wisdom. If you can't make any progress by looking inward on your own, an outside perspective often helps. Friends and family are absolutely important in this process.


A well-trained coach goes beyond common sense with professional approaches and methods. This has a stronger effect and you reach your goal more efficiently and motivated.

Develop personality or leadership style

Find orientation, clarity & meaning

Release blockages, beliefs & let go

Dealing with change, uncertainty & stress in an agile way

Strengthen your career, skills & emotional intelligence & use them successfully

Actively cultivate self-love & self-care

​Lose weight & mentally support your fitness goal (e.g. outdoor )

Build self-employment & startup in a mentally healthy way (e.g. e-book)

Mastering self-confident appearance & presentations (e.g. virtual reality )

Improve communication & networking relationships. (e.g. Learning World )

Patrick Spendier


Spendier Baumanagement GmbH

Orientiation & Startup Coaching, Nov. 23

“Our coaching helped me by analyzing my topics from a different perspective and starting with a broad view before going into detail. This brought me to focus on the essentials and gave me better orientation. This helped me sort out my thoughts, ideas and priorities better.”  

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"A journey begins with the first step."

MOVE Compass© - Our tool for your development

The MOVE Compass© for personality development brings out basic skills, thought patterns and values ​​in all their colorful splendor. This can be your starting point for your development journey.


The MOVE Compass© is a result of my master's thesis on culture and leadership and is based on years of research (from the 1960s to today) by Prof. Clare W. Graves, Bär & Sieber, Laloux and other psychologists. This is a development model and allows for an appreciative approach at all stages of development.


Modern neuropsychological methods paired with structured process support will get you to your goal faster and in an experience-oriented manner. The effect is more lasting and supports transfer far beyond coaching in everyday life.


Your situation and progress can easily be evaluated with the digital compass online questionnaire.


Which colors determine your personality?

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anytime and from anywhere in the world at your own pace.

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