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Only 50% of employees really look forward to Monday morning. How can we change that?

What is your MOVE?


Professional success is defined very individually and changes over a lifetime.


In my 20s, my motivation was financial security and status. I worked hard on this alone for a long time and only made moderate progress. Then I met a person who saw my talents and supported me.


My leadership change and professional orientation respectively the search for a new meaning started with a drastic life experience at the age of 35. Once again, a supportive person made my career and life path easier. Today I share this easiness and a lot of empathy with you on the way to your promising future.

“The only person who can change your life

is you."

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Customer Voices

Oliver Dörr


CTO, Technology Strategist​  

Outdoor & Online Coaching, Mai 2022

"Hoi Sandra, hope you can also enjoy the wonderful summer ☀️🤗😎 

I currently have two applications, one of which is a position that I could never have imagined and was already in interview 2 of 4. 

That's why everything is currently running - also thanks to your inputs 😎👍🏻 thank you very much and LG Oliver"

Addendum: I have the dream job. 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

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