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With your values and strategy to your career goal.

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Your values determine how you live - privately and professionally. This means that they are also decisive for the direction in which you are going when planning your career. A life in harmony with your values has been shown to have a positive effect on your daily well-being and health. "Wherever you go, go with all your heart." Confucius ✅ You are aware of your values. ✅ You know which values are important in your career/life. ✅ You plan your career strategy and employer and have clarity about your career goals. ✅ You move forward in your career/life with more ease and self-confidence. This is what awaits you on your way in this challenge. 1. Prepare yourself! - Carefully researched (exclusive) articles on the topic with psychological inputs. - Your destination. 2. Let’s go! - A scientific value test. - Develop your career strategy. - Where you find your new career. 3. Almost there! - Reflect yourself. - Next steps. Your advantages: - Content from psychology and training units compiled for you. - Secure access via member login. - Whenever and wherever you want. - Easily paid for by TWINT or by invoice. Start your training now and join the challenge.


CHF 59, KAR STRAT, CHF 59.00


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