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Empathic Leadership - Mindfulness

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Emotional intelligence is now among the top 5 competencies. To be able to read others, however, we first have to get to know ourselves better. Mindfulness means being in the here and now without judging. This is not easy because people tend to be right or wrong. In this challenge you train your mindfulness towards yourself and others. "Mindfulness creates attention." ✅ You deal carefully with your own thoughts, feelings and the environment. ✅ You control your behavior and make decisions more consciously. ✅ You deal more calmly with difficult situations in your professional and private everyday life. ✅ You improve your empathic leadership. Start your path to more mindfulness. 1. Prepare yourself! - Carefully researched (2 exclusive) articles on empathy with psychological inputs. 2. Let's move! - A scientific mindfulness test. - Train your mindfulness. 4 practical training steps for successful implementation in your everyday life. 3. Almost there! - Knowledge quiz. - Self reflection. Your advantages: - Content from psychology and training units compiled for you in one place. - Secure access via member login. - Whenever and wherever you want. - Easily paid for by TWINT or by invoice. Start your training now and join the challenge.


CHF 59, EM ACHTS., CHF 59.00


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