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Empathic Leadership - DIGITAL

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Develop your online meeting skills and get valuable tips from 16 years of digital leadership on how you can develop your team members on the subject of empathy in online meetings. “Empathy creates trust, attention and respect. And that can also be done digitally." ✅ You know the tips and tricks to act and lead emphatically also online. ✅ You promote trust, consideration and respect for yourself and in the team. ✅ You prevent ZOOM fatigue and support an emphatic team culture. ✅ You increase the team effectiveness and you reach your goal efficiently. Start your path to emphatic digital encounters. 1. Prepare yourself! Carefully researched (1 exclusive) article on empathy with psychological input. 2. Let's move! Train your digital skills. 15 practical training steps for successful implementation in your everyday life. 3. Almost there! Self-reflection and next steps. Your advantages: - Content from psychology and training units compiled for you in one place. - Secure access via member login. - Whenever and wherever you want. - Easily paid for by TWINT or by invoice. Start your training now and join the challenge.


CHF 90, EM. DIGITAL, CHF 90.00


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