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Find clarity and use your full potential on the way to your target vision! You no longer feel motivated and the time has come for meaningful professional orientation. Or you are at the beginning of your professional life. Just where to? Do you want professional recognition and want to find out what additional strengths you have? You want to start your own business. But how? Spend your valuable time with the really important things and start now with the online course for your personal success. "It only takes one person to change your life." Start: You describe your initial situation. Desired goal: You formulate your wishes. Motivation: You pack positive resources into your luggage. Values ​​& Competencies: You know, what’s important to you and discover your strengths. Interests: You explore what really interests you. Blocking thoughts: You master limiting beliefs and difficult situations. Environment & form of work: You reflect on your environment and ideal form of work. The finish line: You combine the insights into your concrete target vision and celebrate. Your investment: Online course with 8 stations for individual time management. Valuable impulses from neuropsychology with experience-oriented methods. A structured travel plan with a personal logbook for practical implementation. Your strengths, motivation and clear vision in your luggage. Start your MOVE now and invest CHF 250 in your fulfilling professional future.


CHF 255, NEUOR, CHF 255.00


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