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Mastering & leading change

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We humans like security. If this basic need is disturbed too much, most people react with shock and denial. Many never come out of the valley of tears. Empirical research clearly shows how strong the influence of feelings is on the implementation of change. Only, if those affected also become participants, can the change be successful in the long term. How do you deal with change more easily as a personality? As a leader, how do you lead your team with a lot of empathy to the mountain of realization? "Wherever you go, go with all your heart." Confucius ✅ You know how to deal with change. ✅ You understand the emotional change process and plan for uncertainties. ✅ You will be given concrete tools and accompany the emotional component emphatically and competently. ✅ You can measure the change results. 1. Prepare yourself! - Carefully researched (exclusive) articles on the topic with psychological inputs. - Your destination. 2. Let's move! 10 development steps with - psychological input with a focus on emotional aspects - experiment and reflection on your own dealings - introduction to emphatic leadership - concrete tools for the phases 3. Almost there! - Self reflection & next steps. Your advantages: - Content from psychology and training units compiled for you. - Secure access via member login. - Whenever and wherever you want. - Easily paid for by TWINT or by invoice. Start your online training now and join the challenge.




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