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networking 2.0 

 Become a networker - offline and online. Develop your network strategy and implement it in 4 weeks in a small group of max. 4 participants.

The program includes: 


  • 4 live sessions (weekly video call every Tuesday and last Friday) 

  • 4 weeks (20 days), weekly programs for individual timing 

  • Process accompaniment and email / Whatsapp support from a trained consultant

  • Exercises, worksheets, and access to an exclusive member area 

  • Networking with your group peers and your network

  • Valuable impulses from the latest psychological findings as well as my professional experience from 15 years of virtual project management, stakeholder, and customer relationship management flow into this 4 week (20 days) program.

The program is available in German only at the moment. If you are interested in the English version, contact me on 079 500 18 15. 

Week 1 

We develop your strategy. 

You formulate a motivating goal. 

You evaluate your strengths and talents (test). 


Week 2

We check your goal and develop positive resources for your implementation. 

You plan your implementation activities.

You are starting your first networking. 


Week 3 

We review your plan and prepare your first activity. 

You learn a reflection method. 

You implement your first activity in a targeted manner. What went well, where can you still improve? 


Week 4 

We review your first implementation and prepare your next activity. 

Networking, networking, networking. 

They reflect on your development process and define your next steps and contacts.

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Networking 2.0 with Sandra Kolb


My day-to-day work has always been unpredictable and strongly project-based. From this my greatest strength and love developed; networking. I am grateful for my network. This still actively supports me in the successful implementation of my goals.


In the current crisis situation, in particular, I value these social contacts all the more. What we have always done virtually in an international environment, is currently conquering the world; VIRTUAL NETWORKING.


I am your Sherpa on your development journey to networking 2.0. The weekly programs allow you to organize your time yourself. I will give you professional input and share my experiences with you. In addition, I accompany and structure your process as a team and as an individual participant. So you can fully concentrate on your path. And if you ever get lost, I'll be there for you.


I look forward to our personal contact. Still undecided or do you want a customized program? Call me on 079 500 18 15 or join one of my short online webinar introductions

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