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Business, Technology & Psychology in motion.

With MOVE organizational development and coaching, your company, team and people move emphatically and successfully with change.

Which MOVE leads you to success?​

​“Hoping for change without doing anything about it,

is like waiting for a ship at a train station.”

Upcoming Events


Infowebinar DIGITALIZATION, CULTURE & LEADERSHIP - colorful to success - German

29.5.24, 6.00 - 6.30 pm

The MOVE for entrepreneurs, team leaders and your personal development

Values ​​define how we live, how we behave, where and what we work, how we lead teams, how we work together and deal with change. From the family business to New Work, different values ​​are lived. The transformative power of values ​​and skills is also successful in digitalization.


Start now.

The MOVE for your professional happiness!

Sometimes we reach a point in our professional journey where we ask ourselves: Is this really the right path for me? Maybe you are just starting out in your professional career and are looking for the perfect direction to develop your passion and talents? Or would you like to take the step into self-employment? Start your MOVE now.


14. November 24, 6.45 - 7.15 pm

The MOVE for your professional happiness!

You no longer feel motivated and want a meaningful professional orientation. You are at the beginning of your professional life or self-employment. Just where to go? Which strengths support you on your way? Find clarity and use your full potential.

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