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Business, Technology & Psychology in motion.

With MOVE organizational development and coaching, your company, team and people move emphatically and successfully with change.

Welcome to MOVE development.

Which MOVE leads you to success?



We use the MOVE compass to find your fields of action, create orientation with vision and strategy, design efficient and human LEAN processes, live (leadership) culture or digitalize emphatically with a lot of impact.


We develop skills for virtual collaboration, an appreciative communication and feedback culture or a new work mindset. Together we work on your team culture and motivation.


In personal sessions, we find solutions for blockages, fears or difficult (leadership) situations, create clarity for your professional orientation or invest in your personal development.

​“Hoping for change without doing anything about it,

is like waiting for a ship at a train station.”

Upcoming Events



29.5.24, 6.00 - 6.30 pm

The MOVE for entrepreneurs, team leaders and your personal development

Values ​​define how we live, how we behave, where and what we work, how we lead teams, how we work together and deal with change. From the family business to New Work, different values ​​are lived. With the colorful MOVE Compass©, the transformative power of values ​​and skills comes into effect.

Infowebinar LEADING CHANGE & NEW WORK (German)

4.9.24, 6.00 - 6.30 pm

Der MOVE für Unternehmer*innen, Teamleader*innen und deine Persönlichkeitsentwicklung 

Veränderung hat etwas mit Werten und Kompetenzen zu tun. Das trifft auf dich als Change-Leader aber auch auf dich als betroffenen Arbeitskollegen zu. Der Schritt zu New Work (und manchmal auch zum professionellen Du) ist besonders anspruchsvoll für alle Beteiligten. Wie dieser Mind-Change gelingen kann…benfrohen MOVE Kompass© kommt die transformative Kraft von Werten und Kompetenzen erfolgreich zur Wirkung.

For English I'm happy to join you for a short online coffee (booking tool in contact me).

Virtual Reality Coaching


experience an innovative journey of personal development.

Strengthen your skills and self-confidence in realistic simulations for practical situations (e.g. presenting, solving blockages, etc.). This innovative method enables a deep and focused experience that goes beyond traditional coaching and your head. We use the advantages of technology to achieve your goals even more effectively.

SelfEmployed - the E-Book is now available in bookstores.


with neuropsychological methods successfully & mentally happy to your goal.

For startups and experienced entrepreneurs

This book is intended to give you confidence and accompany you on your path to self-employment. We usually only hear the success stories. We rarely hear how eventful and sometimes very difficult and long the journey to get there can be.    

Each chapter contains an informal introduction and concrete neuropsychologically-based transfer activities for each phase of the process. I also want to break the myth of self-employment as a 24-hour job and suggest an alternative, mentally healthy path to your goal.


Start now.

The MOVE for your professional happiness!

Sometimes we reach a point in our professional journey where we ask ourselves: Is this really the right path for me? Maybe you are just starting out in your professional career and are looking for the perfect direction to develop your passion and talents? Or would you like to take the step into self-employment? Start your MOVE now.


14. November 24, 6.45 - 7.15 pm

The MOVE for your professional happiness!

You no longer feel motivated and want a meaningful professional orientation. You are at the beginning of your professional life or self-employment. Just where to go? Which strengths support you on your way? Find clarity and use your full potential.

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