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Empathy - the way forward?

Mankind has developed since our existence. What is the empathic way forward? Psychologically we developed from the homo oeconomicus to the social man to the complex man. What is the empathic way forward?

The book looks at the topic of empathy from various angles such as the development of technology, communication, philosophy, biology, psychology, etc.

Nature fights back with storms, the expansion of the desert, shortage in food and water and oil isn't going to last forever. Animals and humans are dying because the environment changes. The richer a society is, the more empathic it is, but also the less happy. So what is next? Homo empaticus? Who is this new type of person and how does he/she behave? How can we adjust to this change and make the world a place to live for another 1000 years in an emphatic AND happy way? Where do we start? Spend money to WWF, World Vision and other Institutions doing the work for us? Take an airplane only when needed? Or start with ourselves and our behaviour?


Photo Title by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


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