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Superheroes being rejected

Nowadays we are all rejected in a standardised way. Who does not know these sentences? “After careful consideration, we have decided to pursue other candidates whose profiles more closely meet the requirements of the job position.” I got this the same day I sent the application in… you can make your own opinion on how careful the consideration was. I face the same frustrations as anybody else. Most of the time I do not get any answer at all or no reason as above:

I find it equally frustrating to spend all this time adjusting the CV to the language keywords the company is using, just to get a standardised rejection email 2 hours later. Most of the time there is not even contact information to follow up on the specific reason.

What can you do, to keep your psychological hygiene? At this stage, a rejection has nothing to do with your personality. However, I do understand being under pressure to find a job. I have to pay my bills as well. But I ask myself, where I spend my time to get the biggest outcome. It is certainly not online applications, where I have to compete with 300 other applicants. I spend most of my time networking. Especially now, this has one big side effect. Social contact is the best medicine against the spreading loneliness feelings and gets me out of my lows. On that note, keep connected with your friends. Everybody needs a strong shoulder from time to time - even Superheroes. 🤗

Being overqualified and well educated also means, that TIME is the most important factor. There are now even fewer jobs available in your specific area, industry and level than a year ago. On top of that, we have right now a market, where specialists are wanted and companies start cutting positions. What you need are perseverance and patience. Keep focusing on your target and be aware of the things, which are in your control. The number of job offers and the economy isn’t by the way. 😉 And maybe sometimes a step in-between is the way to your dream job.

From a psychological point of view, we humans also cope better with rejection, when there is an understandable reason for it. It helps me to follow up (where possible) on rejection reasons. Only if you know, you can learn from it. You will get different feedback for the same CV. So pick what is right for you and develop your skills according to where it makes sense for your career path. Having that said, it makes sense to find out, where that path leads you.

The same way the companies score you based on the CV and skills, you can do so with the companies. Kununu or