Superheroes getting personal - cover letter

Have you ever realised, that we do not know much about the Superheroes’ private life? Even Superman is never really getting personal. In the application process, we might not show the potential employer around our living room. With our cover letter, we still give away a glimpse of our personality.

The cover letter should show your motivation for applying to the position and the company. That is no easy thing to find out. Again, many people know better what they do not want, rather than what they want. As this is very specific to each of you, I share with you how I find my motivation. My job is the improvement of customer relationships and experience. This makes me a very critical customer myself, which includes the application process. Because guess what… every applicant is also a customer and it’s a 2-way stream. As a result, I would never just rave along how much I ever always love to work for a certain company. I have chosen a different path for myself.

In the cover letter, I show a more personal side of myself - my soft skills and values. Most companies have their values posted on their websites. IF they match with yours, use the exact company language. Then I focus on how I developed these skills. E.g. How did I become a good leader or expert in the field? My motivation to develop and implement strategies derives from truly fulfilling customer and employee needs. That gives me a sense of my work. I also try to figure out, what my personal added value could be for the company. How can I use my superpowers for this specific position or company? This includes from time to time concrete ideas, i.e. with what activities the company could improve the customer engagement. Give just enough information to raise their curiosity. 😉

Another way to show your personal side is a video. This took me some time, willpower and exercise. Let’s just say, one year ago, I would have borrowed Flash’s superpower to run away from a camera lens. Now I prepare a few notes and make a short 1-minute video customised for the company. You can easily do that with your mobile or record a videoconference. Of course, this format needs to fit the company you are applying to. A traditional company might prefer a cover letter.

Now submit that application and check out the confirmation receipt. It’s an easy thing to implement consumer-friendly personal wording and appreciation for the interest and time spent in the company. Is there contact information for a follow-up? What is the tone of voice? That already gives you an indicator, how important employees really are in the company. Now the only thing you can do is wait.

May the force be with you! 💪