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Superheroes in Interviews (2/2)

Are you still being nervous about these unexpected situations? How can you better deal with them? Your preparation is not just on the job and the company itself. You also prepare yourself mentally for interviews. And in my experience, this is more important than knowing all the company facts and figures.

Act from a place of strength! You are a superhero and have been chosen from over 300 applications because of your superpower skills. That thought brings you at eye level with your counterpart. And that’s exactly where a new relationship should start. My worst experience was a disrespectful attack on my personality. I wish I was better mentally stronger at the time 😉. I was simply too shocked to say anything. Today I stay kind and communicate my values in a firm voice. Otherwise, you end up in the corporate circle of screaming. What does this say about their leadership and company values? If you have to take the job, do but keep on looking.

Take the interview as a learning chance! With every interview you do, you get to know yourself better and better. Use it as an opportunity to train your presentation skills and your first impression. Just like Iron Man improves his suit after every “project”, you can improve your interview skills.

Be yourself! Psychologically spoken this is called the “Primacy Effect”. The first impression you have of a person is usually right. Given, that you are a fairly reflected person yourself. 😉 The impression you give is a mix of all 5 senses receiving information. In the current online setting, you can’t conclude with the saying “you get up my nose”. But most other senses, i.e. the tone of your voice, the words you choose, your facial mimic and body language speak for themselves. Being prepared, helps you to show your personal side and be yourself.

Psycho Hygiene! At this point, companies want to see, that you really want that job. This is a balancing act for me. If you get emotionally involved, you might get hurt when being rejected. If you do not get involved, you might get across as not enough interested. There is no right or wrong solution to this vulnerability dilemma. If the employer gives a little, I give a little. That’s how building up a trustful relationship works.