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Decision & Salary Negotiation

You have taken the technical hurdles, the interview rounds and have arrived now at the doorsteps of the Olymp. Now let’s talk money! It is time for the salary negotiation and a decision.

Every company has an allocated budget range for a position. Even if you know that range, it is still down to your negotiation skills to get a fair deal. Before you can negotiate you will have to know, what you are willing to give and get in reverse.

Get wage information! Usually, you have to communicate your number at the very beginning of the process. But how do you find how high you can go? If you have a good network, you might know someone knowing the budget. Or you simply ask for the budget range. And if they tell you, you know they have a transparent communication style in the company. Otherwise, there is salary information on Linkedin (function coming soon), Glassdoor and Kununu for specific positions.

Negotiate the package! What other monetary values are included in the gross amount? A higher pension, discount on products, paid gym or further education? Money comes in many forms and is a question of salary negotiation.

Name your superpower's price! The company wants to hire you, because of your superpowers. Be proud of your skills and name a fair price for them. This is what the discussion should be about (not your personality).

Be bold! Do you remember the flea market or bazaars? Start high, you can always go down.

Take your decision! I personally take my decisions based on further (to me) very important factors. The reason, which makes me get up every day and smile, is not the money. What really motivates me, are a collaborative team enjoying work, a line manager supporting my professional development and living empathic company values.

If you are now still on your pro and con list, you’re intuition and your brain are probably still fighting. Most probably your body is giving you signals, just as it does when you are fully convinced. Reflect critically and listen to your gut feeling. We all have this intuition skill in us and there are many good coaching methods to get them out.

I am fully aware, that sometimes we don’t have a choice and just have to take a job. I have to pay my bills too. If you go down that road, find an emotionally healthy way to deal with the downsides. And if it does not work out at all, you can still start searching again.

Only a signed contract, is a good contract! Your gut feeling is saying joyfully YES to the deal. Wait until you have a SIGNED contract (from both sides) in your hands, and then celebrate.

Congratulations! The door to the Olymp has opened and you’re starting a new position. There is only one last favour the other 299 applicants would appreciate very much. Go to Kununu/Glassdoor and rate the hiring process. Add information about the salary. And at a later stage, share your information on the company values really lived there. Because one day you will be back in the job search market and will profit from other people’s information too. So thank you very much in advance for that. 🙏

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