How New Year's resolutions become reality

Everyone knows this situation. Every year a friend of mine resolves to exercise more the next year. After buying his gym subscription, he goes there from January to March, highly motivated and energetic. Then he gradually becomes careless. In June his energetic motivation has vanished. In December, he makes the same New Year's resolutions again. Well, he tried, where other people's New Year's resolutions did not even become reality for a short time.

"If you want to harvest, you have to sow first."

The explanation for this lies in the motivational psychology of humans. Head decisions are only implemented sustainably if they match your gut feeling. So at the end of the day, we make decisions based on our feelings. The part responsible for this in our head is the limbic system. It processes experienced perceptions into memories and behavioral patterns.

That is why I rely on all 5 senses in corporate development, coaching and project management. Everyone has a preferred sense. But all people think in pictures. For example, when I smell jasmine, a happy image from our family vacation in Spain pops up in my mind. That would be a powerful resource for one of my goals.

Mostly, however, negative memories or postponed goals arouse feelings that prevent us from implementing. This is exactly where the Zurich resource model, hypno-systemic coaching or Introvision come into play. These methods improve the handling of a problem or give you the necessary inner motivation to achieve your goals. They also give me a framework that guides me from defining goals to concrete and sustainable transition into daily life. Yes, you read that correctly, I try out all psychologically recognized methods on myself.

A solution-oriented systemic approach is important to me. This model can develop its effect in teams/groups and individual settings if the “rules of the game” are followed. It is easy and quick to learn. After that, it can also be used on its own. Within this framework, I then adjust the methods to the customer (group).

Let's say you haven't been happy in your job for a long time. But you don't know exactly which direction it should go. Well, actually you already “know” what you need. These methods bring out your really important needs and show you the way to concrete implementation. And that also works with extreme “head people”.

With Introvision or Hypno-systemic coaching, blockades can be resolved relatively quickly and effectively. The way to achieve your goals is then free. In the ZRM, for example, each person chooses a picture and notes down their thoughts on it. Then the group gives their feedback on the picture. A strong and motivating goal is then formulated from this. To the surprise of all participants, this also works without knowing the personal topic. With a lot of positive resources in your backpack, we will then start the concrete and, above all, sustainable implementation.

Do you want to implement your New Year's resolutions in a motivated and energetic way? On January 19, 2022, at 5 p.m. we will kick off with a live mini-workshop in the Blumencaffè Verde in Zollikerberg. In addition to flowers, there is also a good cup of coffee and fine homemade cakes in a cozy atmosphere.

Due to the current situation, we also offer various online mini-workshops (5.1./6.1./11.1./12.1./18.1./26.1./27.1.). So drop by and plant your seeds for your new year wishes. I look forward to you all.

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