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Positive into the crisis - Introduction

How do you cope with the crisis mode at work (and in life)? Can you find the methods to become more positive and relaxed in this short article?

In many other countries, this pandemic has serious consequences to the lives of their inhabitants. In Switzerland, we are lucky, even though we go back into crisis mode for a couple of weeks. For us this means; no sports with physical contact (that includes my passion - dancing), clubs are closed, restaurants restricted, families can meet up to 10 persons, masks in offices, home office, friends in quarantines, isolations or even the hospital.

For months we live with (for us) drastic measures, which restrict our social lives. Crisis triggers our reptile brain and has proven influence on our psychological and with that, physical well-being. It seems this mode is now becoming our long-term new normal. Finding your coping strategy for your private and business life is therefore crucial.

Lately more people than usually ask me, what I do differently. I always seem to be very positive, even though life happens to me too. Well, it’s easy… (actually no, joking, it's developing and learning a lot about myself 🤔 but everybody can do that 💪). My personal strategy is based on scientific evidence and methods, work and life experience. It allows me to stay in contact with my family/friends and business partners, and keep my body in shape. Here is a small introduction to my secret.

“Stay positive with the power of your thoughts and healthy with the power of your body. It is brain and body teamwork.”


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