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Positive through a crisis - Change

How do you cope with change? Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome (121-180 AD) wrote the following thoughts into his diary.

“Observe continually that all things exist in change; and keep this thought ever with you, that Nature loves nothing more than changing what things now are, and making others like them. For what now is, is in a manner the seed of what shall be.”

A crisis is the most extreme form of change. And with the change, feelings like uncertainty or even fear come along. Those feelings are deeply rooted in your reptile brain. You can not help but freeze and your energy level drops. In daily life, it is our survival system, which prevents us from immediate danger. A good thing you would say, no? However, in certain situations freezing is counterproductive. Then already a small unexpected event can make you feel overwhelmed by life.

The general ability to cope with change is called resilience. Your genetic blueprint and environment do have a certain influence on the level of resilience. The majority of behavior patterns have been “socialized into you” over your whole life. Yes, I have been there, it is super difficult to change those. But it is possible. 💪 You can practice positive ways of thinking and become more adaptive, even to unexpected events. We call this nowadays an agile mindset.👇

  • Sometimes you are stuck in a difficult situation and you can not change people’s behavior or actions. You can ask yourself “ What can I control in this situation?”. Even if you feel, you can’t control anything, there is one thing you can control. Aurelius noted down:

“The world is a succession of changes: life is but thought.”
  • Your relationship just ended. You lost your job or even a loved person. Even positive events like a graduation or moving in together makes you maybe feel a little sad. Remember, that all feelings are valid (link to me-time) and acknowledge the grief. Then move on and ask yourself “What have I learned from it?”.

  • You are trying to think positively, but your mind keeps seeing black or white and expects the worst? Take the children’s approach and stay in the present as Aurelius did. Brainwash your mind with meditation. I am a super active person and, to my own surprise 🤩, experienced the power of thoughts through mantras.

“No man can lose either the past or the future, for how can a man be deprived of what he has not? ”
  • A transition phase is always a chance to set your priorities anew and re-evaluate your goals. What do you really want in life? In my opinion, only rich people can afford to “follow your passion”. 😉 Consider your talents and values and move forward with things you can control.

  • Humans are social creatures by nature. Have you ever realised, that superheroes have no friends or family? (link to networking) I had to learn this lesson the hard way myself. 🤷‍♀️ Believe me, it is a sign of strength to show yourself vulnerable and ask for help.

Try it out. As a result, your body and mind feel healthier, you set and reach your goals easier and even your relationships flourish again. You don’t know where to start? Call me and I’ll give you a little structure to get moving.

There is no good or bad way to cope with a crisis. We all have our personal coping strategies for a reason. So be benevolent to each other. 🤗 How do you keep your thoughts positive? Tell us.👇


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