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Positive through a crisis - Gratitude

Yes, 2020 was a tough year! Do you already have your New Years' resolutions ready or are you too exhausted for ground-breaking changes? Here’s how to clean up 2020, make space and get energy for new exciting stuff.

Yes, I also do feel exhausted from being in crisis mode, slow down, home office, social distancing, uncertainty, ever-changing new information on the dos and don’ts. And well… I washed my hands before as well, so no change there.

Just beside that, I moved on from a loved person, started my side business (not the best time in crisis mode, but who knew that?!), wrote countless job applications, was concerned for my moms' health (no, it wasn’t the virus), had really weird dates (why do people forget to behave respectfully, just because it’s online?), tried to make a living in so many different ways (I know, Ford wasn’t successful in his first week, but for god's sake, how many trials does it need?) and the list goes on.

I was never the type of person to make New Year's resolutions. However, I still have enough to digest from 2020, before being able to make big plans for 2021. So that’s what I did this week. I let go of the past, so I have space for new good things (whatever they might be, no plans 😉). I also know that the buzzword gratitude has been overused this year. But then focusing on the things I don't have, is really energy-consuming. That's why I'm rather thankful for all the things I have. Here's a little guide how to do that.

  • First, I wrote down everything, that happened this year. Wow, those 5 pages filled quickly. It is overwhelming and the year was for sure not a normal year. I realise, that during the writing, I already start reflecting and ask myself: what have I learned from it? What other perspectives can I see in this situation?

  • After a break, I reflected on each situation and then let it go. I am grateful, even for the challenging experiences. And I realise, that I have gained many positive things and people for my life too. All in all, I can say:

"I SURVIVED and that is something. Others have not been as lucky. And I take the good things of 2020 with me into 2021."

There is no good or bad way to cope with a crisis. We all have our personal coping strategy for a reason. So be benevolent to each other. 🤗 What are you grateful for? Tell us.👇


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