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Positive through a crisis - ME TIME

How well do you take care of yourself? Before being able to connect to others, take care of yourself. What do you need right now to feel better and stronger? In a crisis, you might have feelings of uncertainty or sadness. The stress raises your cortisol level (stress hormones) and makes connecting to yourself more difficult.

Remember; ALL feelings are valid, negative and positive ones. Accepting them is the first step to better handling crisis situations. Reflecting on what’s going on in your life requires TIME only.

  • Mini-breaks: We are running from one meeting to the other. Stick to the scheduled time and agenda and move open topics to a follow-up meeting. Schedule 25 and 50 minutes meetings only and spend those mini-breaks without your computer or phone. The latter is also valid for the lunch breaks.

  • Live the moment: Running after tomorrow is an exhausting business. You can train to be aware of the moment like training a muscle for running - by simply BREATHING. Meditation, Yoga, or the 8 Shaolin treasures can help you to be more aware of the moment. Or just sit silently, BE and listen to yourself. Maybe an idea for a mini-break?

  • The Mini-Holiday: A wellness weekend is not an option right now. Research has shown, that pictures of nature are calming and reduce stress. Get yourself a nice big nature picture, make yourself comfortable, and relax looking at it.

"Plan ME-time, relax and stay in the moment."

There is no good or bad way to cope with a crisis. We all have our coping strategies for a reason. So be benevolent to each other. 🤗 What helps you to connect to yourself? Tell us.👇


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