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Positive through a crisis - move your body

How do you activate your body? Body and soul are a unit. If you are in good health, you feel usually mentally fit and vice versa. Our normal daily routine has changed a lot with the home office. Our daily exercise is considerably reduced and we get less sunlight.

We can change that. Even in ancient Greece, they knew about the positive effects of exercise on mental wellbeing. And sunlight lifts your mood.

  • The way to work: In the home office, your way to work is very short. Take a walk around your home and get some fresh air before and after work. Do you wear a pedometer, i.e. FitBit? How far do 1000 steps take you? Try it out.

  • Mood booster: We spend less time outside and don't get the necessary amount of sunlight. Go outside often and work directly by the window.

  • Mini-stretching: Many of us sit in front of the computer for hours every day. Most of us do this wrongly! Sit properly. Set an alarm and do stretching exercises every 60 minutes.

  • Sports: I don't hear screams of excitement? The fact is, athletic people live longer and are happier. The offer is plenty from free yoga online videos to expensive swimming trainers. You will find the right one for you. Start with 10 minutes of exercise a day and increase. My tip: don't think, just do it!

"Do something good to your body, so that your soul feels comfortable living in it." Theresa of Avila

There is no good or bad way to cope with a crisis. We all have our coping strategy for a reason. So be benevolent to each other. 🤗 What do you do to keep yourself fit? Tell us. Did you like the article? Like it. 👇


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