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Projects - Classic or Agile?

Which project method is the right for your project? Is agile project management always the right solution? Or is classic project management still justified?

As a project manager, you know the classic workflow of a project. Evaluation - Planning - Implementation - Anchoring - Controlling. Scope, budget and time are usually very restrictive.

In agile project management, on the other hand, a very high degree of flexibility in terms of scope, budget, time and quality is required. Usually the scope of these projects is a new development, meaning the result of the project is not known in advance. Therefore, these methods are often used in business development or innovation.

Today companies have to react very flexibly to a rapidly and constantly changing environment. Long-term detailed planning has therefore become obsolete. The younger generations are often not as loyal to brands as for example baby boomers. Organizations have to come up with innovations and at the same time organize themselves efficiently to remain competitive.

Innovation methods such as design thinking, the Disney method, focus groups or business model canvas were introduced. Methods such as LEAN or Kanban have become established to optimize what already exists.

In the IT world, methods such as SCRUM, crowdsourcing platforms or SAFe have proven very effective. IT in particular often cannot foresee which business requirements will arise and when. However, the best agile method is of no use if an agile mindset is not already in place.

In the last few years the hype for these agile methods has been at a peak. Today, however, the trend is towards “hybrid project methods”. Because no company has unlimited resources and time for new developments and optimizations. Profitability and efficiency are very important to everyone. Agile methods are framed here by the classic process (e.g. PMI or Prince2). In the implementation phase, additional feedback loops or pilot tests are built in before the rest of the implementation begins.

The "right" project management method depends on the project goal. What worked best for your project goal?


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